Da Nang hotels offer free lodging for health workers and quarantined people in light of coronavirus crisis

By DA NANG Today / DA NANG Today
September 12, 2020, 11:06 [GMT+7]

Since Da Nang braced for a second wave of Covid-19 infections late July, many hotels across Da Nang have been active in offering free-of-charge accommodations for health workers from other localities nationwide that had been sent to the city to help it tackle its workforce shortages amid coronavirus crisis.

The kitchen staff of the Gic Luxury Hotel preparing meals for the immigrant health workers staying here.
The kitchen staff of the Gic Luxury Hotel preparing meals for health workers staying here.

Since the start of August, about 150 doctors and nurses from other localities nationwide have stayed for free at the Gic Luxury Hotel, located at 59 Le Duan, Hai Chau District.

Ms Le Nguyen Thy Thy, the Head of the hotel’s Sales Department said her hotel is very close to such medical facilities as the Da Nang General Hospital and the C Hospital, so it is very convenient for these heath workers to travel to work every day. By doing such a simply deed, her hotel wanted to contribute to the city’s combat against the pandemic.

It is worth lauding that the hotel's staff showed their great dedication to serving these ‘special guests’.

These medical workers were served with 3 meals/ day, and meal menus were changed daily to satisfy their diversified tastes and ensured good nutrition for them in order to help boost their energy at work and their strong resistance against virus infections. Anyone who get involved in preparing foodstuff and drinks for their guests weared masks and gloves.

Likewise, the Diamond Sea Hotel, located at 232 Vo Nguyen Giap voluntarily served as a  temporary quarantine site for 110 health workers from Da Nang General Hospital and the Son Tra District Medical Centre who had links with laboratory-confirmed coronavirus patients.

Like Diamond Sea, other accommodation establishments got actively involved in serving the quarantined people on a voluntary basis.

Hotels used for temporary quarantine sites did not serve other purposes, and these venues were required to ensure essential living conditions such as electricity, water, sanitation, bathroom, ventilation, as well as being safe and convenient for accessing.

Also, checkpoints, security teams and the warning sign “Authorized personnel only” were set up. Unauthorized people were banned from entering these hotels. Besides, these venues had to establish disinfection point for means of transport at the hotel entrance.

All vehicles entering and leaving the hotels were disinfected. In particular, hotel staff were intensively trained to serve the quarantined people.

According to the Da Nang Department of Tourism, three hotels in the city have voluntarily signed up to serve as temporary quarantine sites for those entering Da Nang from abroad with the quarantine fees charged. 

These hotels posses a combined total of 148 rooms serving 298 quarantined guests.

In addition, the municipal Department of Tourism plans to earmark 21 more hotels providing a total of 1,279 rooms for 2,346 quarantined guests in the coming time.

By NHAT HA- Translated by A.T