Vietnamese –style café on 'Street of Foreigners'

By DA NANG Today / DA NANG Today
November 24, 2019, 11:38 [GMT+7]

In recent years, Da Nang has seen a growing number of coffee shops impressively decorated in the classic style drawing a great deal of attention from both locals and tourists. Bro’s Kafe, located at 41 An Thuong 4, Ngu Hanh Son District, for example, follows the nostalgic, vintage style, hereby boasting a cozy, familial ambience.

An eye-catching view of Bro’s Kafe coffee shop 

Despite nestling in the heart of the ‘Street of Foreigners’ with bustling vibes and a large number of modern coffee shops, Bro’s Kafe still shows off its own charm with simple yet highly inviting characteristics.

In particular, with its cozy and relaxing environment this shop is an ideal place for those who want to recall the difficult time when Viet Nam’s economy was under state-subsidy, and step away from modern bustle.

The feature of Bro’s Kafe is the harmonious mixture of Eastern and Western culture via its decorations.

Customers will have relaxing moments as they enjoy their tasty drinks whist letting their minds wander with the deep melodious of European and American pop music dating back to the 1990s to recall fond memories of the past.

The coffee shop offers a varied menu which highlights irresistibly delicious and reasonably priced drinks to satisfy its guests.

Such drinks as Italian coffee, and European and American cocktails, are offered at only 28,000 VND-50,000 VND a piece.

The calming atmosphere helps to bring people closer together, and make them put aside their smartphones to actually engage in real conversations with their friends.

It is worth praising that Bro’s Kafe is going ‘green’ by using glass straws, regardless of whether it’s a takeaway or dine-in order. Also, that customers bring their own individual cups and water bottles to store their drinks is highly applauded.

Ai Thanh, a regular customer from My An Ward, Ngu Hanh Son District, showed her much love for Bro’s Kafe. She said the majority of visitors to this coffee shop are foreigners who like immersing themselves in a peaceful space to read books, listen to light and relaxing ambient music, and sip steaming cups of freshly brewed aromatic coffee. In addition to enjoying her favourite drinks here, she has the chance to communicate with foreigners as a way to enhance her English proficiency.  

Another customer remarked, “The atmosphere is very nice and relaxing all day and the staff is with no exception really nice! As soon as you sit down you get a glass of COLD water and they even refill it during your stay! The food is mostly sandwiches but a very nice difference to the typical western breakfast menu”. 

By THIEN LAM -Translated by ANH THU