Gau Café - a best place in the city to relax your mind and slow your thoughts

By DA NANG Today / DA NANG Today
August 16, 2020, 12:10 [GMT+7]

The Gau Café, set at 78 Nguyen Thien Ke Street in Da Nang's Son Tra District, is really a perfect place for you to relax your mind and slow your thoughts.

An renovated house has been used to open a coffee shop which looks like a miniature Hoi An in the heart of the city. Perhaps the most memorable thing about this coffee shop is its yellow walls and rows of shady trees which can provide cooling shade and cooler temperatures during hot summer days.

As a neighbourhood café, the space has an unassuming charm that instantly allows you to unwind after a long and hardworking day.

The architects ensured that every metre of the shop's space was put to use while creating an airy and visually pleasing atmosphere.

The café features sets of rough-hewn wooden tables and chair with dried flower pots, which creates a familiar and comfortable space for all its guests.

The exquisite use of brown wooden tables and chairs, plus yellow walls, complete the inspirational setting.

Capturing the planet-friendly and sustainable philosophy of its owner, the entire café has a warm, inviting ambiance.

With its cozy and relaxing environment, Gau Café is very inviting to those who like studying, working and dating with their sweethearts in a very quiet space, or those who love sipping tasty drinks whist letting their minds wander with melodious songs.

Gau Café offers a wide range of drinks, including healthy fruit juices, cocktails and coffee at reasonable prices of between 12,000 VND and 25,000 VND.

Like other coffee shops in the city, the Gau Café is closing its doors due to the coronavirus outbreak, and it will reopen when Da Nang contains the virus. So, next time you are in Da Nang, make sure you visit at the Gau Café before you continue your journey.

By THACH LAM - Translated by MAI DUNG