Thanh Bui House - a beautiful gallery combined with a terrific café

By DA NANG Today / DA NANG Today
August 31, 2020, 17:49 [GMT+7]

If you like coffee with a side of art, the Thanh Bui House, set on 69 Nguyen Thi Dinh in Da Nang’s Son Tra District, is a perfect place for you.


Opened in 2016, the Thanh Bui House was originally a gallery dispplaying works created by local painter Bui Xuan Thanh. However, since mid-February 2020, the gallery owner expanded his space for coffee business.

The Thanh Bui House brings a new concept for an art gallery combined with a café, thereby creating an entirely different experience for customers in Da Nang.

The owner of the venue, painter Bui Xuan Thanh, said that he opened the Thanh Bui House to create a quiet space to create his paintings. But after being opened for a prolonged period of time, his gallery welcome a large number of visitors from both home and abroad, and many of them wanted him to develop a more spacious space for enjoying art paintings whilst sipping their favourite drinks.

Therefore, he decided to develop Thanh Bui House into a space for not only displaying his own paintings but also running his coffee business.


The venue’s eclectic interior with urban lighting invites you in to stay awhile. With its cozy wooden benches and recycled wood slat tables, the Thanh Bui House is a perfect place to catch up on a good book, hang out with a friend or get some much needed studying on a rainy afternoon.

The Thanh Bui House offers a wide range of drinks, including fruit yogurts, smoothies, healthy fruit juices, tea, cocktails and coffee at reasonable prices of between 14,000 VND and 30,000 VND.

It is also a perfect place for those who want to sip their favourite drinks inside beautifully-crafted cafe venues while looking at some carefully-selected art pieces hanging on the wall, or placing themselves around design ideas that will blow their mind.

Like other coffee shops in Da Nang, the Thanh Bui House is closing its doors due to the coronavirus outbreak, and it will reopen when the virus is put under control in Da Nang. Mr Thanh plans to add some sweet cakes to the shop's menu in order to meet the tastes of everyone after his shop reopens its door.

By KHANH QUYEN – Translated by M.D