'Ca Nuc Kho' restaurant - a great place to enjoy Da Nang specialties

By DA NANG Today / DA NANG Today
October 25, 2020, 11:41 [GMT+7]

In addition to its captivating landscape with beautiful beaches, blue seas, amazing mountains and romantic rivers, Da Nang is very inviting to both domestic and foreign visitors thanks to its gastronomic specialties.


‘Ca nuc kho cuon banh trang’ (braised round scad fish and vegetables wrapped in soft rice paper) is one of the tastiest examples of Vietnamese food and a must-try when in Da Nang. ‘Ca nuc kho cuon banh trang’ is very popular with residents living in Da Nang and Quang Nam Province, and in coastal localities as a whole.

You can enjoy this delicious specialty dish at the ‘Ca Nuc Kho’ restaurant set on 34 Hoang Van Thu Street in Hai Chau District.

Scad fish chosen to prepare the dish are usually freshly-caught ones. Scad fish must be processed immediately after being caught and carried from the local fishing boats, so that they will remain delicious, sweet, firm and cool.

After being cleaned and gutted, fresh round scad fish will be seasoned with peanut oil, scallions, chives, monosodium glutamate, ground black pepper, sea salt, and crushed chilies. Then cook it on low heat in order to keep the flavours beautifully intense.

The already-braised round scad fish are often served with salads, thinly sliced green mango and carambola, along with unripe bananas and chillies, or raw water morning glory, plus a dipping fish sauce which has bold flavours of garlic and chilies.

Apart from ‘ca nuc kho cuon banh trang’, the restaurant offers a wide range of delicious specialties to delight its guests, including Quang noodles, ‘banh trang cuon thit heo’ (belly pork and vegetables wrapped in soft rice paper), Hoi An-style sauteed mussels, and ‘banh xeo’ (Vietnamese sizzling pancakes).

Besides, such desserts as corn sweet soup, taro sweet soup, and baked banana cakes are available.

Despite just coming into operation in early October, the restaurant has been quickly becoming a favourite dining destination for gourmets, especially those who love Da Nang’s specialties. It opens daily from 6.30pm until 9.00pm.

By KHANH QUYEN - Translated by M.D