Cami Coffee & Sports - one of best green space cafes in Da Nang

By DA NANG Today / DA NANG Today
March 12, 2021, 16:47 [GMT+7]

If you want to find a quiet place, temporarily away from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy delicious drinks and food, please visit the Cami Coffee & Sports.

Located on A2-3 land lot of the Golden Hills City project in Lien Chieu District’s Hoa Hiep Nam Ward, Cami Coffee & Sports is a stylish and light-flooded space where you can relax for hours.

Stepping into the best-looking venue, you can be impressed by its gorgeous and breathtaking space. The decor includes twigs and potted plants hanging from the ceiling, fairy lights draping down branches and across the walls, and matched tables and chairs.

The venue’s aesthetic theme is inspired by the garden-themed cafes with leafy plants being seen every corner of this café spot, and hanging creepers flowing out.

A soundtrack of gently jazzy music provides a relaxed, low-key atmosphere. The café gets buzzier when the after-work crowds arrive. An outdoor terrace overlooking beautiful tree-lined roads provides further inducement to visit in summer.

Most notably, the Cami Coffee & Sports has a well-designed indoor area for children. It might not be the best in the city but the decor and animation inside the venue definitely will make your kids jaw dropping as soon as they enter the venue. Tackle floor-to-ceiling climbing walls, race through play structures, dive into ball pits, bust a move on the dance floor, and more at the Cami Coffee & Sports.

The menu of the café is very diverse with various options such as coffee, tea, soda and fruit juices.

Also, Cami Coffee & Sports serves meals of the day with variety of healthy foods, snacks, cakes and fruits. You can choose to enjoy a bowl of Quang noodles for breakfast, a dish of 'com tam suon bi' (broken rice with pork ribs) for lunch, ‘bo luc lac’ (Vietnamese shaking beef served with French fries or bread for dinner.

Cami Coffee & Sports has the perfect casual atmosphere for a relaxing date where you can immerse yourself in the charm and architecture of the venue and watch the afternoon go by.

The coffee shop opens daily from 7am – 10.30pm.

By KHANH QUYEN - Translated by M.D